About Us

Create with us.
Not just receiving, but jointly creating.
A new era is already upon us, so we should embrace its challenges.
We at the Dice Team think so.

Going forward, our team will enthusiastically support ambitious challengers who never give up.
Let’s create new inspiration and new experiences- indeed, a whole new world together.

Challenge with us and enjoy creating together.
Join the Dice Team.


Believe in yourself.
Don’t fear new adventures.
Cherish the creative spark.
Dare to be bold.
Value your colleagues.
Savor creativity.

These are the principles TDT considers important.
Through sharing ideas, new ideas are born which
spark a chemical reaction leading to new creation.
This laboratory is where we want to be.

Like multiplication, mixing ideas and connections
to create new inspiration and experiences to
change the world.
This is the vision that TDT is imagining!